McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale is a township of South Australia, nestled between the Mount Lofty Ranges and the white, sandy beaches of the Gulf of St Vincent. McLaren Vale has a Mediterranean climate with four clear seasons. With a dry warm Summer, the area has dry weather from December through to March or April, giving an easy change between summer and winter. It is gentle with long warm days and short cool nights. Winter rains of 580-700mm per annum flow into a fresh spring. The region rarely experiences frost or drought due to its close proximity to the sea.
The McLaren district has many different soil types and this contributes to the wines from the area having different terroir.
The varying soil types contribute to the rich diversity of wine produced by the winemakers of the region. Overall the soils have one common trait; they are free draining which means they hold very little water, this allows the accurate control of moisture to the vines through the use of state-of-the-art drip irrigation. Because of reliable winter rain, irrigation can be kept to low levels and manipulated to achieve the production of superior fruit.

Beacon Wines

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