Tamar Valley

Situated in the north of Tasmania at latitude of around 42 degrees south, the Tamar Valley shares the same cool climate characteristics of the Cote d’Or, Burgundy, France, renowned for producing world class wine. Very few areas of the world exist in the exclusive cool climate zone distinguishable as the ideal location for the production of superior quality fresh produce.
Harvest takes place in March and April followed by pruning over winter and then budburst in September begins the growing season again. Soil types in Tamar Valley are variable.
Tamar River is Tasmania’s principal wine producing area, producing 40% of Tasmania’s wine
The Tamar River is distinguished as Australia’s longest tidal river.  The river winds 65 kilometres inland, around hills, beaches and bushland. At the river’s head is the city of Launceston. At its mouth are wide sandy beaches.
Tamar River is fed by the fresh, waters of the North and South Esk Rivers, the Tamar has created a glorious fertile valley of high-yielding vineyards.

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