Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley was Victoria's first wine growing district with a history stretching back 170 years.  The Yarra Valley is now recognised as one of Australia's foremost cool climate regions, capable of producing classic styles from a wide range of varieties. The region encompasses a wide range of soil types, the soils in the middle section of the Yarra Valley are ancient, mountain-derived sandy clay loams combined with broken sandstone.
The other soil type is much younger in origin, is brilliantly coloured red volcanic soil found in both the upper and Lower Yarra Valley.
The Yarra Valley is cool in relation to the rest of Australia's viticultural regions. Elevation varies from 50m – 400m. Rainfall is winter/spring dominant, with the summer relatively cool, dry and humid.  
Harvest typically commences in early March with Pinot Noir and finishes with Cabernet Sauvignon in early May.

Beacon Wines

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